is a site whose primary goal is to promote and educate those interested in learning more about the history behind heritage walking routes in and out of the United Kingdom. The site has compiled a list of some of the world’s leading heritage walking routes, how to access them, and activities those visiting them can take part in.

If taking a trip to one of the renowned historical walking routes is on your bucket list, this site will help you achieve that dream. The content is excellently written, and the fact that the articles are well researched makes it a good platform for those interested in learning more about historical heritage.

What’s Covered On the Site

Here are some of the topics covered on this site:

* Heritage travel and all its benefits

* Exploring new heritage walking routes

* Leading historical heritage walking routes

* What to consider before choosing a walking route

These are just a few of the exciting articles you will find on this site, and there is much more to learn about historical heritage walking routes here. There is also a list of some organisations that promote and support the preservation of history and heritage walking routes for anyone who might want to donate to such a cause.